I Miss My Grandma

I miss my Grandma something fierce.
There is an ache in my chest that will not disappear.
I wish to call her on the phone.
I ask everybody her number.
I wish to talk to her about nothing and everything.
I couldn’t catch her.
It is hard to do so.
Time difference seven hours.
How I realised now I miss her,
When I visited her last year?
She is getting old,
A surgery after another.
Her recovery is quick,
But her happiness is something else.
I spoke with mom and dad today,
Because they also live in another country,
Now I miss them too.
But dad said that when he was coming home,
Grandma became depressed.
I don’t want Grandma to be sad,
I want her to be glad.
I want to hug her and tell her I love her,
And that I miss Papa too.
It is hard to live with heartache,
And missing,
In the middle of the night.

This is for you, Grandma in Texas, so far away, but yet near in my heart. I want to be there with you.

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