Looking Back, Seeing the Future

Yesterday I walked the streets of my old hometown and I was filled with sadness. I’m still fond of Salo, because I have good memories from there, but I’m glad I didn’t stay there or in Finland.

Salo is one of those towns that thrived on industry, one particular big industry. Yes, Salo until a few years ago was the home of Nokia, a mobile phone company that doesn’t exist anymore. Services and the centre were littered with shops, restaurants, a few theatres and cinemas.

Now it is a ghost town.

Salo used to be a vibrant city with a population of 55,000, when I walked the streets at around six o’clock, it was like walking in a ghost town. Maybe it was because it was a Tuesday, but I remember summers and weekends were vary similar, unless there was market day.

Now I live in another country, in a city in the western parts of Sweden with a similar infrastructure. One big factory, about the same amount of people. But the new town I live in has a lot of other things to offer. It is a good place to live, it has a college, the distance to a big city is only thirty minutes by train (it was the same with Salo, but Salo was in between Turku and Helsinki).

I love where I live nowadays and I have decided to stay in Sweden for the foreseeable future. It seems it is where I can build a future for myself by studying.

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