The Beginning

There is a hope on their hearts that hadn’t been there before. They had seen something secret and forbidden that showed that the lives they had lived were in vain. There was no freedom. But instead of bitterness, light was cast on their hearts that begun singing as the eternal winter inside them had begun thawing.

They became a secret society. The secret was passed from father to son, from mother to daughter. They never spread the secret outside those who did not share there blood for they had used the strong magic of a blood-oath to keep all loyal to the promise. No one could break the oath they had made.

Centuries went by and the families who knew the secret were successful and envied by others who wondered about their rise. It had not been sudden, but after many centuries of wars and fierce warriors from their family lines, there was a king who ruled with an iron fist and his queen was a lady of the secret holders line, a gentle and beautiful creature. She bore the king a son as was expected by her husband, and with her son she shared the secret as was tradition by her line.

And the old king died and a new king rose to power. He was the Lord Darkshard and his mother the Lady Dawnwhisper.

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