I’m Not Afraid

I am not afraid of…

…people, just hurting them or being hurt.

…animals, just being eaten by a carnivore.

…heights, just of falling or getting the urge to jump while standing on an edge.

…the dark, just lonely nights walking down the road in a city waiting for somebody to jump from the dark to burgle me.

…plants, just green, growing things that might be poisonous.

…relationships, just being rejected.

…small spaces, just of the possibility that the structure might collapse on me and those around me.

…the ocean, just drowning or being eaten by a shark.

…life, just dangers I might encounter.

I am not a phobic, because…

…my fear is reasonable.

…I don’t loose control.

…it makes me careful enough.

…helps me know how to stay alive.

To those who are crippled by fear, I want to tell that…

…you are not the only ones.

…you don’t have to be alone with your fear.

…there are people out there that can help you.

…it is possible to overcome your fear.

…you should face your fear, it will make your life easier.

I want to encourage people to…

…be careful.

…be bold.

…be helpful.

…be considerate.

…be a friend.


…save another’s day.

…live life.

…not fear ghosts.

I am not afraid anymore. I hope you will not be afraid either.

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