It’s WTC today, WTD tomorrow

There are three things in human history that constantly reoccur: war, trade and despotism. From the time of hunter gatherers to this very day.

Trade is the most natural part of human nature. It doesn’t matter what theories of the birth of the earth one believes, it is most certain that people traded much before the Neolithic revolution. Capitalism is as natural as breathing.

After the Neolithic revolution it was possible for people to stay where they were. Thus permanent living came to be. People gathered into small groups and so were created villages, cities, city states and sovereign countries of many cities. This was all made possible by the introduction of bronze and iron. As farming became more efficient all the humans weren’t needed to do just that. People began specializing, and so was created the traditional hierarchy of despot over the priests who knew how to read and write, craftsmen, traders and serfs.

Here we come to the creation of a despotic or tyrannical rule. A despot is a person who rules over the people with fear. He is the only one with any real power. His power is upheld by his army, the priests and superstitions.

From farming came specializing came despotism came war. There are many reasons why an ancient people went to war. One was because of food running scarce due to salinization and crop land turning into swamps caused by irrigation. An other common reason is pure greed, “need of space” and the lust for power of despots.

War in a larger extent was born only with bigger, more permanent communities, but skirmishes and extensive battles are also much older than farming. Despots were tribal leaders than, but they thrived better after permanent living was established.

All of these three, war, trade and despotism, have flourished throughout the centuries. The despots of Ur and Uruk of the Sumerian cities with their trade routes and the waring history of Mesopotamia, the unevenly flooding land of the two rivers, Euphrates and Tigris to authoritarian countries like Kim Jong-Il of North Korea, to capitalism rediscovered by Adam Smith, and the Afghan war of the 21st century.

PS WTC for world trade centralism.

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