The Spirit of Today

I write. I have written since first grade. And read. Reading is important. I admire those who wrote the first novels. They made some new ideas.

No they didn’t. It was just a new form of the old. There are a lot of new ways to use the old, because nothing new can be invented. There is no “original idea”. There must have been one. Somewhere. Some time. But not here, not in my time. The time they call the last generation.

Every generation is the last generation. Of its generation. Its not going to come 2015, like it didn’t come this year, or 1994, or the 1800s. We are no closer to knowing when than when Jesus came.
You know. Even that wasn’t an original idea. In every last religion there is a son of a god that comes down to Earth. The original idea about it was the sacrificing himself to save the world part.

The reason why reading is important is because it is. Keeps your mind sharp. Gives new ideas, a broader understanding of Life, the Universe and everything. But reading is vitally important to writers. Words give birth to words.
For me, I have a storage room for words and ideas. I store what I have read there and they mix thoroughly. Again, new ways of using the old. And when the room is empty, I read.

I write, so I’m a writer. But what is an author in this world. I publish my writings… on the internet. But that’s not being an author, is it? What am I, a creative blogger? A poetic blogger? A authorial blogger?

Define author.
Wikipedia says “an author is broadly defined as ‘the person who originates or gives existence to anything'”. says an author is “one who practices writing as a profession.” “the writer of a book, article or other text.” Merriam-Webster explains “one that originates or creates”. They also tell that the first known use was in the 14th century. You had to be either rich, bohemian or crazy/passionate enough to be an author then. It wasn’t profitable. Many of the earliest authors were clerics.

We’ve come a long way since the 1300s. In the post-modern world almost anybody can be an author of a book. You basically need just two things: literacy and a profitable, interesting-enough idea. But in my own opinion an author is a writer of a book that catches the attention of maybe not the masses, but some, good amount of people that the book is profitable and original. Well. As original as it can get in the world of used ideas. That, my dear children, is called plagiarism and is frowned upon in many societies.

The internet brings an interesting challenge. Once you’ve put your idea out there, its basically in the public domain. A good example of something similar is fanfiction which is plagiarism, if you think about it. Fanfiction is fictional writing based on somebody else’s popular (or unpopular) idea. Some authors hate it, some encourage, like Stephanie Meyer, author of the successful Twilight saga. Its amazing how one writer’s idea brings out a string of similar story lines and milieus. Think of the Vampire Diaries, young vampires discussing fictional books about vampires, for example Twilight. L.J.Smith is riding on Meyer’s back!

The question of authors and their rights is a though one. I like to think of myself as an author already. I have yet to publish something through the traditional publishing houde method. Am I just a writer or are we all authors? There are so many people on the internet pouring their royal hearts out in all ways possible. On the internet nothing really is new.

To upset no one, I’ll graciously call myself an authorial blogger which basically means author-to-be, but I will stand with the argument that the meaning of the word author should be updated or simplified. There are so many great authors out there that want to share their talents free on the WWW. That’s the spirit of the day, and shouldn’t go unnoticed by say, the Nobel Prize committee?

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