we C A R E

Speaking to someone doesn’t mean their listening. Writing for the public doesn’t mean that anybody is reading. Performing for an audience doesn’t mean its watching you breathlessly. Painting to bring happiness doesn’t mean that you will be liked. It seems that whatever you do, there’s always somebody who hates you and is ready to begin a war. Countries are a good example of this:

Let’s take for example one of my home countries, Finland, or any other Nordic country. Our educational system is free and full of equal opportunities for everyone. This leads to what? Us educating terrorists. They have left us alone for a long time now, but just some time back they turned their eyes on us. Appreciation.

While getting the words ‘thank you’ out of a person is getting harder and harder in the rich west, its becoming easier and easier in the third world. Children starving, people dying of AIDS leaving several children parentless. No education, no income. Give them one grain of rice and thei eyes are light up with happiness. They have nothing and we have everything.

They need to sacrifice themselvesĀ for a noble cause such as climate change? We have time and resources to ponder, worry and investigate, but the one’s we want to sacrifice themselves are struggling to get anything to eat. We should set the example. It’s an uncomfortable thought and yes, I dread the thought as much as you do. But if we have the time and energy to worry (and we sure as heck do) we should have the time and energy to do something about it and not just talk like I’m doing right now.

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