Song of Pieces

No poses admit kisses, songs,
the jam of privilege, the creatures humane.
O pieces in tandem, in harmony.
No league patented, enter the miasmas
for to aspire is expressly forbidden for life,
leaf song harmony, come of old snaked trees.

O pieces in harmony: move NO beam, adventure
in the water of festivals. No sane things comes us humans, for we are agitated
Zeus, let happen no disasters. No vengeance,
o pieces different to us, kind of no apprehensions of songs
and our debates, come afforded, no actual safety
come images heathen and spice of pieces dead.

Your two are long of our mandate scarred,
tornadoes, vengeance, uncountable songs of infancy,
interrogated actual esquires. Us, state of the yard, are second
to mere suspicions of the proprieties of happiness
and no excuse to me first comes in the development of songs.

Based on Brasilian Lêdo Ivo’s poem O Sonho dos Peixes (The Dream of Fishes). The poem is translated homophonically based on what the words sounded like in English and Finnish.

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