25 May 2013: Welcoming the Summer

Today is the beginning of summer to me. We had our first outside lunch today. It is not the warmest day of May, earlier days, even yesterday were kinder in that regard, but a windy lunch on the patio is just so Finland.

We ate grilled sausages, hamburgers and a greek salad washed down with milk and water. That is what spells a true summer to me: a family luncheon were mother prepares chicken, sausages and sometimes vegetables on the grill while we eat as an appetizer a salad of tomato, feta cheese, carrots, cooked peas and lettuce that we sauce sometimes with aceto balsamico di Modena, the favoures salad dressing of my family. Most of our meals in the summer are vegetarian, the same salad even for two meals sometimes a day. But I do not mind, because the salad is such that one never tires of its fresh taste.
I am glad to once again welcome summer to Finland.20130621_173109373_iOS

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