A Series of Unlikely Explanations

It really should not have happened
That was what everyone believed
That was what I believed I believed
But it had happened

I told them that it was because I was wary
They thought I meant I was weary
But there is a great difference in these two things
Because I really was doubtful and cautious about it

I told them that I was annoyed
They thought I meant I was no longer employed
There assessment is correct, but neither is it truthful
I have never been employed

They really should know me better

I told them that I had been angry
They thought I had been hungry
And they offered me food
And told me it still didn’t explain why I did it

I told them I was being spiteful
But they thought I was just being stupid and hateful
It could have been that
But it could have been paying them tit for tat

They really really should have known me better

For the truth of why I had kissed my baby sister on the nose
Was to wish with all my hope that she’ll be pretty and protected when she grows

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