An Angel

What incurs my wrath is that I have been cheated
Heedless of the warning I gave
Can they not see that I dreamed of anger
That could never consume me the way it did

I closed my eyes and saw an angel
And in moments my fury was gone
He would morph from he to she depending on the desires of those he serviced

He was a beauty with oak curls
His eyes were as blue and piercing as the sky and ice
There was a fire there that could not be quenched
And it burned with endless wonder

My ire was replaced by possessiveness
I wanted to own his beauty
He looked at me with such awe
That I felt horrible for being so plain

He was the object of the desires of the plenty
And I wanted to prison him
But my black nature was laid to rest
When I came to the decision to let him go

He would not leave until I said the words
“You are too pure to be seen in this world.”

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