Here and Now

Nothing else matters than the present. The whole world lives in this same moment, same time. The future does not matter and the past has nothing to give. This is the way the world of today thinks, a world that is beginning to forget the World Wars and doesn’t believe in the catastrophe of climate change any more. O, they have spoken of the same thing for years now, thinks the modern man and is right, because the world is full of doomsday prophets who weren’t believed in the times past either.

But here and now -type living take the world’s attention away from its problems. If everything is well for the rich of the western world and the only causes of death are overweight and old age, everything is right in the world all though in reality millions of children keep quiet of their hunger every day and die away and millions of people live in tents on the borders of countries running away from unnatural death.

But a human can’t look around himself and into the future and past too much because otherwise he would become mad. He would feel guilty for living in abundance when others suffer. This is why humans look at small bits of the world at a time and by looking at those small bits he can concentrate better. It is natural for a human to help others by giving from what is theirs. When many do small things those small things become something big.

Everybody should look at the world openly and notice those in need. If you help them here and now they might just be able to get there lives back on track and pay it forward.

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