Under the Apple Tree

Trickling over the bark near breath
Lambency of the chafe sun
Gently moving its silken fingers
Over a resting face

Shadowy branches
Rest lightly above me
Cool and calm
Like a spring breeze

Rough and uneven
As the world is
Wood under me
Supporting my weight

Fragrance of lupins and lilacs
Air full of green and colourful smells
I could lay here forever
With the birds singing in my ears

I hear the apple tree leaves
Whispering to each other
As the wind plays through them
Like mother earth combing her hair

I hear the voices of the birds
Speaking of nesting and resting
Bustling of bees in the flowers
Apple blossoms flirting with their buzzing wings

All is perfect and calm
On this ample summer day
Perfect as a button
Topped with a book and the sea

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