The Green Vale

A lake was in the valley

greener than any other.

O how beautiful was the water

With a waterfall

On the north side

And a little stream

Running along to sea

With blue depths

And Golden fish

All the wondrous plants

And a house made by ants


A girl with worn-out pants.

No human had ever been there

Not before me

The trees could tell and see.

I asked them

The wise old trees

How come had nobody found this place

Before the little sprite

Who loves nature with all her heart.

It is her destiny

They told me

To protect with weapons

These green hills

That had never seen grinding mills.

It was a secret land

In the palm of my hand

Undiscovered wonders

Unfound treasures

Unsearched mountains

No-one’s seas.

What was this place

Of useable boundaries?

And all of it


New every morning

Every month

Every day

Every year

With no end

Till Eternity.

In this vale of green

In paradise

Next to the stream

Close to the plants

Was a house built by ants

And in the house was a girl

A girl and her worn-out pants.

The girl was a sister, a mother,

To the little animals

That lived in the trees

The trees that could talk and see.

It was her own little kingdom

And the vale of green

Had never been found

Except by one being

A sprite

An elf

Mind you that

She is the girl

Daughter to an elven king.

And she with fairy ears

Was stronger than humans

She was as ancient as the earth

She remembered the dragons

And destruction of her people.

She had fled long ago

She was the last of her kind

And in the vale of green

By the lake and the vale-cutting stream

I witnessed her die and lay in peace once more.

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