Jeanne d’Arc

This is a beautiful place

This garden

A small stream and an apple tree

Just there


I am a young girl

Many things expected of me

Yet I can see these figures

Of holiness

These saints


I do like the spin wool

I do like to sow clothes, make food

But they are demanding

These saints


My land is in peril

It has been for many years

There must be a saviour

They say it must be me

How could I a simple peasant girl do such a thing?


It is time now

I can feel it

I must go


To convince this man much more is needed

Maybe when the time is right my word is heeded


It is now

I know of this battle

At home I rather would wool gather

But my Lord has asked this of me

He has given me life

What could I give him but this?


The Dauphin listens to me

They are desperate

They need me

I will be heading to war

I will be leading the war


Some did not believe me

Though I by Poitiers

Was declared to be

A good Christian

Irreproachable life

What does it help that

I possess the virtues of humility, honesty and simplicity?


Ah! these men who believe me unpure

These men who captured me

These men who betrayed me


I have never acted but from the word of my Lord

Only his will have I done in my life

What good does it do to me to say this

When they do not believe it


I am a witch

It is finally done

The confession they wanted has been given


But how can I repent when I have done no wrong

And am I no better than they when I deny the truth

It might be not something they understand

But with my word and faith I must stand


…It is the end

This world farewell

Though terrible this world has been

I will only good things to my Lord tell

Though he sees all I have faith still

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