The Ravine Between Us


You are far

A ravine between us

A hole deep and dark

A line wide and black

It is not a physical thing

Yet it is a canyon uncrossable

A river so strong, unswimmable

The sides of this thing expand

They do not stop

They retreat

Can you hear me any longer?

Are you already unreachable?

Can you still sense me, even a little?

I will start building

Block by block

Piece by piece

It might take me a long time

But I will build

Year to year

Until I reach you

On the other side

Or in the middle


We meet

There is nothing common

We have both changed on our way here

You can see me

I can see your eyes

You are aware of me, of my presence

What is this wall that has come between

A high mountain range brooding

Or am I on the bottom of the ravine

And you are looking down at me

Is there a bottom to it?

How can I bring speech forth

What else can I do?


I speak of old times

Memories, times gone by

It takes me a while

But do I see a smile

A shadow of it

On your lips

In the corner of your eye

A little light

That same that we share

What have you met

That killed your shine

That has defeated

The indomitable soul

Which is thine?

I can see a glimpse

Of the person that was you

Are you on your way back?


The wall is gone

There is a bridge

Lets cross it together

Come with me

We will be like we used to

We will be like we’re meant to

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