Child In The Wind

Do you hear the wind breezing

Gently in the eaves of this house sneezing

In the corner lies a child freezing

In his toes there is no feeling

Will no one care for this child dying

One who should at least be crying

Do you not here is silent pain screaming

While he lies there of a better place dreaming

The lonely child has no other

In this world who’d care to bother

About such a pitiful creature

To whom life has been a cruel teacher

Why should he suffer so

The lonely soul with no place to go

Will no one take him in

Give food, shelter, love him

I will talk no more

For it will not better his score

Instead I go to him

And I will care for him

In my heart a home he will receive

And a hearth, food and a bed I give

For a poor child in such poor weather

Should in all men’s hearts compassion tether

Nobody should live loveless

A commodity that is priceless

To give has never cost less

Come now, child, and follow me

In safety you will be

No longer such sorrow on you

But happiness here waits for you

This is only the beginning

I will continue giving

Until all the world’s children have a home

A place, a family all their own

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