The Society

The movie began. It was an old one from 2010s. A classic. They had made good movies back then, stories with substance and reality. You could see true humanity in them. Love. Cruelty. All prohibited. Now all movies were unrealistic and without emotion.

The Ambassadors of Peace had made the ancient peace sign a hated one. They had invaded the world and brainwashed people from early childhood. Humans had become slaves who obeyed all orders like robots. The message of the Ambassadors of Peace had not sunk into him and he was a criminal. An outcast of the Society. There were others like him. They lived in the lower parts of the high rise cities.

The Society-less, as they were called, lived on the edges of Ambassadors’ perfect world. They earned their living as cleaners, garbage drivers and other measly occupations. They were allowed to live with their will as long as they followed the laws of the Society.

He broke the law. The culture of the dark ages fascinated him and even though the Ambassadors tried to destroy it he was able to hoard pieces of that culture for himself.

His sister, a model citizen of the Society, brainwashed, was a great lover of Audrey Hepburn movies. They too were on the list of prohibited, but breaking the law to get some pleasure through such simple means was too much of a temptation even for his perfect sister.

The movie he was watching was about the Second World War, the blackest event of all of the dark ages. The Ambassadors of Peace had tried to wipe that stain from the memory of humanity, but that was impossible.

The atom bombs had been destroyed and with that humanity’s will to survive. Death was merely accepted. When a disease could not be cured, the people you knew wished you a good death and creeped away out of your life. The only ones attending the funerals were the Society-less who also disposed of the bodies. There were so many dead that you had to pay huge sums if you wanted to be on a cemetery for a hundred years. There were very few of those.

All humans were equal, except for the Ambassadors and the Society-less. Apartments, cars, even lives, were borrowed and loaned.

He did not believe in the Ambassadors’ message and as he watched the movie, he knew that the ideology that was against humanity had won. Because it was prevalent all over the world, and the Society-less had no power to resist, that ideology that ate away at humanity, had won and conquered.

If he could travel back in time and reveal the Ambassadors of Peace when they had risen to power centuries ago, maybe then humanity had a chance.

Now it was already too late to begin a revolution. The Society-less had tried, but their revolution had been destroyed immediately. His father had been one of the leaders of the revolution.

He had developed a time machine for years now, but he had failed and the Ambassadors had taken away his ideas.

His sister had become brainwashed for all children went to school. There was only one type of schools and they all belonged to the Society. Each generation had its own writing language so that those who went to the school of the Society-less could not become part of the Society or find work. The system worked if you wanted to live. He knew how to write, as did his sister.

The children of the Society-less could return into the Society, and some could even become a part of the organisation of the Ambassadors of Peace. It was even possible to become the leader of the Organisation.

But it wasn’t the leader of the Organisation who ruled the world. Nobody knows, not even the Leader, who rules the world and keeps it running.

He knows. He has investigated.

The world is run by the Machine. Everybody, even the Society-less, were a part of the machine. It woke them in the morning, took them to work, made them food and put them to bed. The Machine knew all who moved in its world. It kept those who had created it, the humans, alive and safe. That is why it had taken away their thoughts, and his. So that he could not build a time machine and give humanity back power over itself.

The Machine had succeeded.

But he saw the movie about the past and remembered that the he did not like the ideology of the Ambassadors of Peace, borrowed lives. He remembered that he needed to build a time machine to prevent the Ambassadors from gaining power. He was almost ready. But the Machine….

The Machine had succeeded, because the Machine does not age.

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