There’s a dream, isn’t there?
A secret lurking somewhere
I feel vulnerable

There’s a shadow hiding
In the corner of my eye, waiting
Breath abated
With a hunger never sated

There’s a monster lurking
Tangled, tendrils, lurching
It wants to hunt
But it just can’t

The monster is the fear of losing
A creature in your mind preying
On the agony of uncertainty
On the recklessness of uncaring

It eats away through the mantle of no care
It corrodes through that mask you put up so well
It is your doubts and hopes and fears
It is yourself that monster is

Pretending to be alright so long
It grows into the monster, takes its toll
No matter how much you run
It will catch up, it is you after all

No stopping you, monster
No running away
The only way to get rid of you, subdue you

To face you and fight
See who’ll see the light

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