Lessons Learned Biking in 2011

Things I have learned this summer:
1. Asphalt is a bit too ruff to be used as skin care.

2. An überfan is not the one who travels half the world to meet the idol, but the one who bicycles thirty kilometres to see the movie, falls on the bike and goes to the hospital and still goes to look at the movie.

3. Also, a sacrificial friend is not one who does things against their will, but the friend who bicycles to see a movie with you and injures themselves in the process of doing so.

4. Harry Potter is a very expensive movie. (movie ticket 10 euros + new lenses 280 euros)

Yes. What happened to was this:

Me and my friends had been speaking of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 since we saw part 1 which was in the autumn. We planned on seeing it together on Wednesday the 13th at 00:07. Wonderful. I live 34 kilometres from the centre and I was too lazy to get a motorcycle and driver’s license.

My parents wanted me too sleep over at a friend’s house, because bicycling back at around three o’clock in the night ain’t really feasible.  I didn’t want to bother my friends, so I decided that maybe I’ll just stay home. Then my friends called and offered me a place to stay and I was off.

A few kilometres before town they were laying down some new asphalt with edge like a five centimetre stair. A truck drove by, not even very close, I reacted very naturally and my bike headed towards the side.


The asphalt scraped my knee and face and hands. Some friendly people stopped by and took me to the hospital from were I had to get my bike (which I estimated to be 200 meters from where the hospital was… wrong assumption. I was about… 1800 meters off) and join my friends at the theatre. I made it just in time. Now I’m much better, but also much more careful about bicycling. Thank God, I had my helmet on!

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