Chapter 3: Thannaqya

Tranquility is where dreams are made. There is a beautiful place in the deepest core of all hearts. This place must be cared for, otherwise it withers. Once it has been destroyed, it is nearly impossible to bring back. Without this place of peace, beauty and dreams, there is only darkness.

The overworld is a light and beautiful place that is situated high above the surface of the old world. Domes of pure crystal shine in the artificial light of their synthetic suns. Roads of a strong translucent metal make arcs over vast gardens of green and blue and any other colour of the rainbow. Cars working off of clean energy zip through the sky as the force field covered world lives protected from the harsh sandstorms.

In this place that is called paradise there is an imposing building made of white marble like an old Grecian temple. Its great doorway is surrounded by high pillars. The edifice blends into the clean whiteness and shine of the surroundings, yet it stands out like a sore thumb. Where other buildings are curved and fluid, this building is rectangular and harsh. This is the House of Powers and Patrons.

In the throne room are three thrones, one for the First of Patrons, another for the First of People and the greatest for the Great Majesty of Paradise.

The throne room is as large as three football fields. Patrons and courtiers from the People mingle here day and night as a sort of powerless parliament that works as the sounding board of the three Powers.

The great doors to the hall that reach up as much as fifty metres open with a boom and two soldiers enter dragging between them a wretched figure. It is dressed in grey rags, its great gtey wings dragging on the marble floors. It is one of the creatures never spoken of, a Chimera of the lion variety.

The guards come to the foot of the great steps that lead up to the three thrones of the triumvirate of power. They dump the Chimera there with a violent shove. First of Patrons leans forward to examine the creature with disgust noting that by dragging it there, it had left a behind a track of filth. First of People simply gasps in astonishment. He has heard of the whispers of the monsters living under paradise in he’ll, but has never thought he would ever live to see one himself. Great Majesty of Paradise doesn’t move or look at the creature, simply keeps her (his) fingers together as s (he) does most of the time.

Time passes, the artificial suns begin to darken as evening approaches. It isn’t until it’s completely dark that Great Majesty gets up and descends the stairs as is custom at the end of each day. Coming to the end of the stairs s(he) seems almost surprised that the creature is still there.

“Thing, what are you doing here?” Great Majesty asks in a bored voice. The creature’s stirs.

“I was brought here against my will”, it answers bitterly.

“And what an really you?” Great Majesty continues without caring.

“I am a Chimera of the Great House of Atnan, one of the Thannaqya, first advisor to Alwara’a and Alwakarh of the Chimera race”, the creature intones with pride. Great Majesty of Paradise laughs at this.

“We are indeed in the company of monster royalty. I am honoured. I have heard of you animals. You are dealt with by the Patrons, it is their privilege and curse. Animal, what is your name?”

The Chimera looks up revealing slit green snake-eyes, greys cales and a brown mane. His countenance is terrifying to the Courtiers and most of the lower Patrons, but Great Majesty finds it exotic and oddly beautiful.

“Almustashar “, answers the Chimera.

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