My Darling

First published in April 24th, 2014.

In the end you will come
On my grave your sorrows hum
I will hear your silent prayers
From under all these earthly layers

Do not kill your hope, my darling
The world can be extremely charming
I will show you all its wonders
It’s not only mighty thunders

Look at all these children playing
In the slums, not a tear they showing
The sun is shining in this place
Their beings filled with sun’s grace

Look at all these people dying
Around them all these people crying
Yet serenity lies in their eyes
As they say their goodbyes

Look at all these beggars begging
Little to nothing they getting
Do you see the kindness there
Tired they are, can you see a tear?

Look around this place, my darling
Isn’t it alone quite charming
Much death and sorrow seen
And how has it always been

Can’t you see the trees
The flowers, the shining leaves?
All bad can turn to good
I hope now this understood
For even all the darkness in a graveyard
Is a beginning, though it is hard

In the end you will go
And to you the world will show
All my love will follow you
May it always in your heart lay true

And after many years go by
You will lie here by my side
There’ll be others to mourn our passing
They will learn love’s all encompassing

Live in peace now all your days
In the world you must stay
All my love with you, my darling
Share it all, you my charming

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