The Orchard

A green spring day

Its light in my eyes

Warm rays of sun on my skin

The song of birds floating in the air.

There I lay in the orchard

Under the canopy of the branches of trees

Them full of leaves.

I remember

In the winter they were and will be so bare

Like black bones above my head.

The garden was known by many

But still known by so few.

Its secrets were deep

As the sea

As the earth.

Lonely trees surrounded me

Lonely flowers shone around me

Lonely fragrances filling the air.





How many had I seen

How many the orchard?

My own secret world:

It’s in the sight of your eyes

But you can’t reach it

Not unless you let yourself in.

I am crazy, I am

I am crippled, I am

I am alone, I am.

But if you join me

I will be crippled, yes

Crazy, yes

But lonely?

Not at all

For you will be here with me.

You came

And you laughed

You saw it all

You loved my world.


Not only mine

But yours as well.

More seasons

More life.

It all passed quickly

So quickly.

You became serious


No laughter

Nor a smile

I could hear from your presence.

You were sad

I knew not why.

The colour around me

Until one day

You came and told me:

Grow up, my friend

You blind old fool.

You are not in your orchard

But in the hospital.

You are dying

My friend.

Colours disappeared in your wake

All of those odours I loved.

Darkness surrounded me

And the first time I realised

I am not only cripple

But also out of sight.

Never have I seen the world

Its true nature revealed itself to me.

I had grown

You had grown.

Take me to the orchard once more!

Let me be fool

Let me be insane

Let me see the world

My world!

As I did before.

Let me not see

Let me not be blind

Let me not be crippled

None of the truth in my own mind.

So you got up and took me to my orchard

And the colours

They were gone

In your wake.

Take me to the sea!

I begged you

And you fulfilled my wish.

I heard the waves

The sound of water

Peace and happiness.

The orchard…

Was my weak whisper

The wind blows in the trees.

This is my orchard.

I am happy again

I can see the colours

It is a beautiful spring day

And you are here with me.

Never bring me back to your world

Cruel, dark and true

Let me slip away

And that was my last wish.

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