The Day Is Coming

Land of mountains and valleys

Land that drinks rain from heaven

Valleys neither planted or plowed

Filled with pools of water


Glorious beauty

Set on the head of a fertile valley

Yet a fading flower

Pride of Ephraim’s drunkards

Pride of those laid low by wine


The soil in that valley is sweet to them

Everyone follows after them

A countless throng goes before them


Why do yo boast of your valleys

Boast of your valleys so fruitful?

Unfaithful Daughter

You trust in your riches and say

“Who will attack me?”


Woe to the wreath!

You shall see neither wind nor rain

The destroyer will come against every town

The valley will be ruined

The plateau destroyed


All abundance will be pecked out by ravens of the valley

Every valley will be raised up

Every mountain and hill made low

The day is coming


It will be called the Valley of Slaugther

I will spread your flesh on the mountains

Fill the valley with your remains

Great many bones on the floor of the valley

Bones that are very dry


The day is coming



Multitudes in the valley of decision!

For the day of the Lord is near

In the valley of decision


The day is coming


Every valley shall be filled in

Every mountain and hill made low

The crooked roads shall become straight

The rough ways smooth


The day is coming


In that day

The mountains will drip new wine

The hills will flow with milk

All the ravines will run with water

A fountain will flow

Out of the Lord’s house

The meadows will be covered with flocks

The valleys will be mantled with grain

They will shout for joy and sing


The day is coming

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