In The Last Days

In the last days

the mountain of the LORD’s temple

will be established as the highest of the mountains;

it will be exalted above the hills,

and all nations will stream to it.

For with fire

and with his sword

he will execute judgement on all people,

and many will be those slain by him.

The fields of Heshbon wither,

the vines of Sibmah also.

The rulers of the nations

have trampled down the choicest vines,

which once reached Jazer

and spread toward the desert.

Their shoots spread out

and went as far as the sea.

The Lord will wash away

the filth of the women of Zion;

he will cleanse the bloodstains from Jerusalem

by a spirit of judgement

and a spirit of fire.

Give him no rest

till he establishes Jerusalem

and makes her

the praise of the earth.

The LORD has sworn

by his right hand

and by his mighty arm:

“Never again will I give your grain

as food for your enemies,

and never again will foreigners drink

the new wine for which you have toiled;”

All your children will be taught by the LORD,

and great will be their peace.

In righteousness you will be established:

Tyranny will be far from you;

you will have nothing to fear.

Terror will be far removed;

it will not come near you.

The Sovereign LORD declares—

he who gathers the exiles of Israel:

“I will gather still others to them

besides those already gathered.”

He allots their portions;

his hand distributes them by measure.

They will possess it forever and dwell there

from generation to generation.

The LORD will cause people

to hear his majestic voice

and will make them see his arm coming down

with raging anger and consuming fire,

with cloudburst, thunderstorm and hail.

It pleased the LORD

for the sake of his righteousness

to make his law great and glorious.

The LORD’s justice will dwell in the desert,

his righteousness live in the fertile field.

The living, the living—

they praise you,

as I am doing today;

parents tell their children about your faithfulness.

Shout aloud and sing for joy,

people of Zion,

for great is the Holy One of Israel among you.

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