Little Fairy

Little fairy, wings and all
Do not in your haste fall
In the icy rains fly strong
Your little wings won’t steer wrong

Little fairy, wings and all
Your heart is full of courage and gall
When the winds throw you about
Your little wings will keep you stout

Oh little fairy and your little wings
Flying about finding out things
Growing to become a fairy strong and tall
One day little fairy, your wings and all


Picture: Little Fae by Sweet AD

Waking Nature

The morning chased a taxi

As it drove on the no man’s land between night and day

The skylight with a whisper of summer

The snow melted quietly from the trees.

The wintry art of nature

Gave way to the next.

The early ones pushed their heads from under their covers

Under which they had slept many moons.

They greeted their friends

The waking trees

Who were putting on their green clothes.

It was time for celebration

Satyrs and forest maidens

Danced under the tree shadows.


The Waters

Alive are the waters

Alive and well

Rushing through the rafters

Drowning out hell

Steam rises from the waters

Rushing like rapids

Roaring like dragons

Those that sound like thunderstorms

Thundering the waters engrave their way

Through the closed cave they pave

The waters run into the sky

And towards earth they fly

The waters declare freedom

The earth declares life

Beat Soul

 Chained Swan by Ellen Shelby
Chained Swan by Ellen Shelby

In the emptiness I meet

My soul is beat

In the presence of a malicious mind

My death sentence is undersigned

My heart, it lay in cinders

My strength, it is tender

There seems no end to torment

I weep in discontent

Take away my fear and restlessness

Give me a sense of weightlessness

Imbue me with hope, make me brave

Dash my tears into a grave

As I go about my day

Will I ever find a way

To not feel this close to tears

Afraid of the listening ears

That lurk in the walls

And creep in the halls

To do the bidding of one of dark intent

Hiding behind a benevolent pretense

All words, kind or not spoken

Are twisted and turned

Into false words

Into accusations

Into emptiness they become

As they attack all and one

And in that emptiness we meet

My soul is irrevocably beat

Oh make me brave

Dash my tears into a grave!

Riding On A Nightmare

 Picture by Katharine Shelby. 2016.
Picture by Katharine Shelby. 2016.

I read in the dark shadows of my home

Raindrops crashing on my window

These novels paint pictures of gilded worlds

Yet the cracks in this urban milieu

They yell me a different story

The nighttime surrounds me like black ceremonial robes

As the city plays chess with my heart

The darkness is in communion with me

As my instincts scream at me in the process

Shall I step in the next access

My poor heart now possess

As I ride on this nightmare

Like a cab ride to hell