War Is Our Future (War Is Our Past)

Blood ridden battles of strife and pain

Don’t call out for truth in vain

You, you war-hardened men!

But truth

It won’t survive scrutiny

And the lying, cowering cowards

They will cower under the power of safety

The illusion of constancy and peace.


War is our future

For war is our past

There is no peace in the present

Look around you!

There is blood on your footsteps

And blood on your skin

Don’t try to wash it off!

It will be there regardless

Your flesh burns of self hate


You are human

A mere mortal for immortal’s games

Given the pearl of power

The only power controllable by men

Fear and violence

I Was No More

 Fading Away by Pain of the Fallen
Fading Away by Pain of the Fallen

A path I saw

Among the raindrops

As they fell down from the crying stars.

The moon smiled

At his children’s joy

Playing in their heavenly pool.

The sun came and looked down at me

Its eyes were shady

The mouth sorrowfully wavy.

Its tears dropped on my forehead

They were painful.

Ice shards broke wounds

On my body

In my body

In my mind

In my soul.

The sky saw right through me

I was invisible.

The wind blew right through me

I was no more.

Copper Leaf

The song of copper leaves

Dreams such as these

Bronzed by hope

Yellowed by light


The song of copper leaves

Falls into the eaves

A century passes by

A thousand years float by


The song of copper leaves

Is heard in the trees

As the wind plays through the branches

And the copper leaf dances


It sings about its happiness

It sings about its mourning

It dances out its sadness

It gestures for you to follow


Up and down





Across the sky and closing on the land


Follow the leaf as it dances, dances

Follow the leaf as it sings in you

The leaf is your coppery dream

The leaf is the dream that lights your way

Kind Words (Sisterhood)

A tear rolled down the mounds crested in sadness

Brows creased with disappointment

Shoulders hunched in self-chastisement

Hidden in view in the midst of the forest, inwardly crying

Hidden to be found in the midst of a field, inside dying

There in full view, yet invisible, hoping

To be seen, visible, worth noting

Could have fled, slipped away quickly

There, there, there, sat silently

A warm heart struck with kindness

A word of encouragement to be harnessed

A wisdom shared from words holy

A prayer sent to above, holy

Laughter, friendship, faith, and sisterhood

With kind words was new hope instilled

With gratefulness was the receiver filled

Angel Weeping

Do you hear the drumming

Of tear drops on the roof

A crying angel weeping

Her wings sweeping

The leaves from the autumn of ashes

Colours bleeding out of the trees

Washing into the rivers of dark sorrow

Rapids flowing down into the depths

Her soul darkens the high skies

As her anguish drowns the sunrise

Will hope ever touch her again

Does melancholy rein?

Resting Earth

Light up my way

Lift up my day

Go ahead of me

To prepare a blue sky

To wash with white snow

This earth under you

It longs for a coat to warm itself

It wishes for a blanket to sleep

To rest away its weary sighs

To refresh its bones, warm its cold sides

So that after a long slumber it may wake

And dance in new clothes over the hills

Clothed in the light you have given it

Feet light with the day you light up

Sleep With Them Too

Can you hear the whisper in the wind

Can you hear the voices blowing in its recesses

Can you hear them and feel them

Caressing the leaves on the golden trees?

Is the world real to you today

When the light goes down on the horizon

And it seems like it is on fire

A fire burning

A blaze shining?

Does it seem like something that is possible

Such a sight in the arms of this world?

Can you feel the wind humming

In the eaves of the very leaves it is caressing?

Hang in the arms of the tree branches swinging

The frost is coming and they are willing

To sleep until the world is new

And they want you to sleep with them too.

Be Very Afraid


Screeching fingers along the ground

Be very afraid

Rustling in the underbrush

Be very afraid

Don’t hear the screams of children

Coming from the underbrush

The bushes hide its vile face

Be very afraid

Walk some steps towards the hidden leaves

Be very afraid

But be careful not to make a sound

Be very afraid

You will see nothing

As darkness will surround you

Do not look me so puzzled

Be very afraid

Many have disappeared in these parts

Be very afraid

I am one of them

Be very afraid

For I have felt the embrace

Of green fingers alive

They are the fingers of the human plant

Be very afraid


The snow shone black under his eyes

They were blood-red gold and hot as ice

He was a creature made for the night

That was alight around him


The day was dark and dismal to him

The world then would not bend to his every whim

He was a creature made to enchant

All vain maidens of beauty


He was a lover with whom none could compare

The eyes of women shone to him everywhere

But all he longed for was the sweetness of death

Where his true love lay to not meet him yet