The Sky Lion

This is the story of a girl and of liberation. Of being trapped in one form, but wanting to soar.

Ranadin is a survivor of the labyrinths of Caroon, one of several living in the ruined city. Her people are hunted by humans as they live on the fringes trying to survive. When she was very young, her mother was kidnapped and her father was killed. Her father’s last words urge her to free her people from their suffering.

Years later she embarks on a quest that will either bring war or eternal peace.

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I. Maturation Ceremony

II. The Verdict

III. The Great Forest

IV. Humans

V. The Castle

VI. Little Brother

VII. The Rage of a King

VIII. The Wish

IX. The Winter Eunuch

X. Knight Training

XI. The Challenger

XII. No Life, No Death