Live Your Life

Feel free to oust yourself

Don’t doubt yourself

Feel free

There is no reason to see the world dark

To feel there’s no hope left

Feel hopeless

Don’t be afraid to be just you

Live the truth of you

Feel courage

No way to say life is easy

No way to go about it one way

No way of saying what you should do

No way of playing it right or wrong

All another can give is some advice

And all you can do is think through twice

All you can do is just do what feels right

All you can do is live your life

What Can It Be

With life and everything

We want to be truly satisfied

We are not happy

For all out cheerfulness

We know nothing

For all our knowledge

It is something we strive for

And lose nobody

For we want to be glad

Against death and sadness

A united front

We present

That fill no need

Endless questions and quests

This life

What can it be

The Ravine Between Us


You are far

A ravine between us

A hole deep and dark

A line wide and black

It is not a physical thing

Yet it is a canyon uncrossable

A river so strong, unswimmable

The sides of this thing expand

They do not stop

They retreat

Can you hear me any longer?

Are you already unreachable?

Can you still sense me, even a little?

I will start building

Block by block

Piece by piece

It might take me a long time

But I will build

Year to year

Until I reach you

On the other side

Or in the middle


We meet

There is nothing common

We have both changed on our way here

You can see me

I can see your eyes

You are aware of me, of my presence

What is this wall that has come between

A high mountain range brooding

Or am I on the bottom of the ravine

And you are looking down at me

Is there a bottom to it?

How can I bring speech forth

What else can I do?


I speak of old times

Memories, times gone by

It takes me a while

But do I see a smile

A shadow of it

On your lips

In the corner of your eye

A little light

That same that we share

What have you met

That killed your shine

That has defeated

The indomitable soul

Which is thine?

I can see a glimpse

Of the person that was you

Are you on your way back?


The wall is gone

There is a bridge

Lets cross it together

Come with me

We will be like we used to

We will be like we’re meant to

A Crime


Think this

Happened here too



A horrible

Very terrible thing



It will

Take you far



Will not

Nothing we do



What will

Happen in this



Of dreams

Of many nightmares



Sleep in

The corner of



Room of

Red and black



Death, coals

Heat, hell, pain



Is the

Hell that expands

Jeanne d’Arc

This is a beautiful place

This garden

A small stream and an apple tree

Just there


I am a young girl

Many things expected of me

Yet I can see these figures

Of holiness

These saints


I do like the spin wool

I do like to sow clothes, make food

But they are demanding

These saints


My land is in peril

It has been for many years

There must be a saviour

They say it must be me

How could I a simple peasant girl do such a thing?


It is time now

I can feel it

I must go


To convince this man much more is needed

Maybe when the time is right my word is heeded


It is now

I know of this battle

At home I rather would wool gather

But my Lord has asked this of me

He has given me life

What could I give him but this?


The Dauphin listens to me

They are desperate

They need me

I will be heading to war

I will be leading the war


Some did not believe me

Though I by Poitiers

Was declared to be

A good Christian

Irreproachable life

What does it help that

I possess the virtues of humility, honesty and simplicity?


Ah! these men who believe me unpure

These men who captured me

These men who betrayed me


I have never acted but from the word of my Lord

Only his will have I done in my life

What good does it do to me to say this

When they do not believe it


I am a witch

It is finally done

The confession they wanted has been given


But how can I repent when I have done no wrong

And am I no better than they when I deny the truth

It might be not something they understand

But with my word and faith I must stand


…It is the end

This world farewell

Though terrible this world has been

I will only good things to my Lord tell

Though he sees all I have faith still

For Once, Not Anything

based on Robert Frost’s For Once, Then, Something


I am a vain man, godlike

I see myself in shining surfaces

In a well, a mirror, the water

I am up in the heavens, godlike

A lover of myself in the clouds

This world is perfect for me

So individualistic

Nothing may disturb this clear surface

Not a truth, a pebble of quartz

For once, not anything