There is a piece of you lost inside this world

All these things divert you leaving you alone

We who care about you want to be your rock

But what can we do, when you do naught

There are many things that keep your eyes away

We just want to hug you and ask you to stay

Please look to us when you are without hope

Please, we will find together the best way to cope



I Feel As Dreams Feel

I feel as dreams feel
Sad, light and hollow
How reality bends
How the night never ends
Though days change light and dark

I feel as stars feel
Twinkling far away
How frail is the light
I bring to you
The distance great from here to there

I feel as people feel
One among many, alone
A piece of a big puzzle
A drop in a great sea
One that fits and doesn’t fit

Taker of Souls

With tea and a meal hearty

There with you they party

Souls when their time has come

In time you found a way

That’s why you take souls

Not in their body

No one will come with you

You have to search for company

When nobody came

The day of your house-warming party

Not search for company

You would like to stay here

In this place you live

My brother

My friend

Death you are