Sleep With Them Too

Can you hear the whisper in the wind

Can you hear the voices blowing in its recesses

Can you hear them and feel them

Caressing the leaves on the golden trees?

Is the world real to you today

When the light goes down on the horizon

And it seems like it is on fire

A fire burning

A blaze shining?

Does it seem like something that is possible

Such a sight in the arms of this world?

Can you feel the wind humming

In the eaves of the very leaves it is caressing?

Hang in the arms of the tree branches swinging

The frost is coming and they are willing

To sleep until the world is new

And they want you to sleep with them too.

This Is Where I Grew

Yellow walls
And green hangings
Blue bed spread
Oak dwellings
That is what I see when I look around me
It is not where I wish to be

My dream is a home full of light
Matte colours of brown, black and white
With specks of colour forest green and gold
I like dark colours
Brooding and bold

I say goodbye to the cheeriness of my home room
For at the end of this year
I will be gone