Lonely Far Away

Lonely words echo in halls

Lonely letters travelling

Lonely signs creaking in the wind

All very lonely suffering


Far away from civilisation

Far away scouring

Far away deeming unworthy

All far away cowering


Something about you will be told in tales

Hidden by cleverly lettered woven veils

Lonely life of yours remembered might be

Far away, too far from you to see

I Feel As Dreams Feel

I feel as dreams feel
Sad, light and hollow
How reality bends
How the night never ends
Though days change light and dark

I feel as stars feel
Twinkling far away
How frail is the light
I bring to you
The distance great from here to there

I feel as people feel
One among many, alone
A piece of a big puzzle
A drop in a great sea
One that fits and doesn’t fit