Mountain of Stones

 Tiia Monto [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons
Tiia Monto [CC BY-SA 3.0 (, from Wikimedia Commons

The sorrow of my heart cries out to the deep

In the darkness, in the shadows, I weep

Hopeless and torn

Broken and worn

I feel my world crumbling around me


Tired is my mind, tired is my soul

Spiraling down into a black hole

Weariness seeps into my bones

Carried around like a mountain of stones


They weigh on my being

All joy fleeing

Emptiness encroaching

Hopelessness approaching


But in all the despair and despondence

There’s a light that breaks the night

Through the clouds of daily worry

There’s a wind blowing new air

Blasting away the thunderhead

Breaking away the smothering smog


The radiance of the sun lights up the valley

It chases away the shadows of anguish

It brings new life to the weariness of my soul

It soothes away the woes of my mind


The sun, my light

The wind, my kite

Blessing my heart

Making me soar


The Son, you are my light

The Lord, you are my wind

Speaking through love of those around

Toppling down the mountain of stones

And lifting up my weary bones


To be filled and merry

Hopeful and airy


There’s a dream, isn’t there?
A secret lurking somewhere
I feel vulnerable

There’s a shadow hiding
In the corner of my eye, waiting
Breath abated
With a hunger never sated

There’s a monster lurking
Tangled, tendrils, lurching
It wants to hunt
But it just can’t

The monster is the fear of losing
A creature in your mind preying
On the agony of uncertainty
On the recklessness of uncaring

It eats away through the mantle of no care
It corrodes through that mask you put up so well
It is your doubts and hopes and fears
It is yourself that monster is

Pretending to be alright so long
It grows into the monster, takes its toll
No matter how much you run
It will catch up, it is you after all

No stopping you, monster
No running away
The only way to get rid of you, subdue you

To face you and fight
See who’ll see the light

Live Your Life

Feel free to oust yourself

Don’t doubt yourself

Feel free

There is no reason to see the world dark

To feel there’s no hope left

Feel hopeless

Don’t be afraid to be just you

Live the truth of you

Feel courage

No way to say life is easy

No way to go about it one way

No way of saying what you should do

No way of playing it right or wrong

All another can give is some advice

And all you can do is think through twice

All you can do is just do what feels right

All you can do is live your life