Copper Leaf

The song of copper leaves

Dreams such as these

Bronzed by hope

Yellowed by light


The song of copper leaves

Falls into the eaves

A century passes by

A thousand years float by


The song of copper leaves

Is heard in the trees

As the wind plays through the branches

And the copper leaf dances


It sings about its happiness

It sings about its mourning

It dances out its sadness

It gestures for you to follow


Up and down





Across the sky and closing on the land


Follow the leaf as it dances, dances

Follow the leaf as it sings in you

The leaf is your coppery dream

The leaf is the dream that lights your way

Two Halves Of A Whole Unseen

Two halves of a whole unseen

A two of wholes never should have been

A child’s despair over dreams

An adult’s anger of unproportioned means

Do they all fill themselves

Do they ever go empty?

There are no soulmates

Create your own destiny

Two halves a whole too shy

Two wholes made a half, please cry

Nightmares left in this life

Make your life your own

Picture: Soulmates

As Long As We Have These (It Shall Pass)

All this time you’d hide in you
As strange as dreams of life might be
They will not hinder thee
For all that is meant to be
It shall pass

For all that is not to be
It shall not pass

Do you still think it strange
How we react to each other
All I want from thine heart are
Fairness, equality, honesty and fidelity
Intelligent conversation, silent companionship and passion

If we have these
We have each other
And shall want for nothing.