Two Halves Of A Whole Unseen

Two halves of a whole unseen

A two of wholes never should have been

A child’s despair over dreams

An adult’s anger of unproportioned means

Do they all fill themselves

Do they ever go empty?

There are no soulmates

Create your own destiny

Two halves a whole too shy

Two wholes made a half, please cry

Nightmares left in this life

Make your life your own

Picture: Soulmates

I Feel As Dreams Feel

I feel as dreams feel
Sad, light and hollow
How reality bends
How the night never ends
Though days change light and dark

I feel as stars feel
Twinkling far away
How frail is the light
I bring to you
The distance great from here to there

I feel as people feel
One among many, alone
A piece of a big puzzle
A drop in a great sea
One that fits and doesn’t fit