Beat Soul

 Chained Swan by Ellen Shelby
Chained Swan by Ellen Shelby

In the emptiness I meet

My soul is beat

In the presence of a malicious mind

My death sentence is undersigned

My heart, it lay in cinders

My strength, it is tender

There seems no end to torment

I weep in discontent

Take away my fear and restlessness

Give me a sense of weightlessness

Imbue me with hope, make me brave

Dash my tears into a grave

As I go about my day

Will I ever find a way

To not feel this close to tears

Afraid of the listening ears

That lurk in the walls

And creep in the halls

To do the bidding of one of dark intent

Hiding behind a benevolent pretense

All words, kind or not spoken

Are twisted and turned

Into false words

Into accusations

Into emptiness they become

As they attack all and one

And in that emptiness we meet

My soul is irrevocably beat

Oh make me brave

Dash my tears into a grave!