The Waters

Alive are the waters

Alive and well

Rushing through the rafters

Drowning out hell

Steam rises from the waters

Rushing like rapids

Roaring like dragons

Those that sound like thunderstorms

Thundering the waters engrave their way

Through the closed cave they pave

The waters run into the sky

And towards earth they fly

The waters declare freedom

The earth declares life

Shackles and Shades (Walk for Freedom)

In the shadows of cities

Haunted shades lurk

In the corners

In the crowd

Eyes empty

Souls hungry

Hearts heavy

In a pit writhing with shame

They think they are to blame

For the sins of their imprisoners

The deeds of their oppressors

Oh my child you are an innocent!

Affected by the cruelty of the world

You were tortured by poverty and exploiters

You were hidden carefully in sight

The world has failed you

We have failed you

Oh dear tortured child!

For we are blind

We must open our eyes

To root out the evil

And save you

Oh how can we learn to see

That you exist

The tormented, the captive, the slave?

For every one of you

There is one who should shout

For every lost child

There should be ten that fight

For at least all of you

There should be those who call out

For each and every one of you

There should be countless walking out

We walk for your freedom

With our silence, we shout!

With our silent protest

We ask the free to call out!

I walk for each innocent tormented child


Free Bird

This day is like a free bird

This day is like a rare free bird

And tomorrow’s like a new cage for me.


Who wants freedom

Who wants lousy freedom

With so many choices that will take you down the wrong path.


Fly in the sky free bird

Fly up high free bird

And come bid me hello in my cage.


Flap yourself away

Flap yourself away free bird

You’ll be back to free me.

We all want to break our orbits, float like a satellite gone wild in space, run the risk of disintegration. We all want to take our lives in our own hands and hurl them out among the stars.

— David Bottoms

Quote of the Day: Do Not Hold Your Breath For Anyone

Do not hold your breath for anyone,
Do not wish your lungs to be still,
It may delay the cracks from spreading,
But eventually they will.
Sometimes to keep yourself together
You must allow yourself to leave,
Even if breaking your own heart
Is what it takes to let you breathe.

— Erin Hanson

I wanted to share this quote, because while gathering quotes for one of my poems, it spoke to me. I will probably write a poem that is inspired by this.

Please comment if you want to see more inspiring quotes.

Good and Evil

Do you feel free

Like somethin’ll be

Wrong and twisted

Hard and crested

A bird of a dark path in the wrong

A ripple of a drop in a pond

Feeling delighted

And feeling weak

We are the descendants of the poor and meek

There is a contrast between bad and evil

Bad is an old man, ancient and feable

The big brother of good is pure

A heart willing for every cure

Blessed white

Accursed black

The world is full of that.