Dark, Sinister

In the forest darkness creeping
Hating all that is alive, breathing
The thing is hiding somewhere
Can you taste in the cold in the air

All light it eats
A hater of light, all good things
When there in the dark is something
Can you see this place darkening

Destroying everything in its path
A dark, sinister presence
In to this house seeping
Can you feel it creeping

This Is Where I Grew

Yellow walls
And green hangings
Blue bed spread
Oak dwellings
That is what I see when I look around me
It is not where I wish to be

My dream is a home full of light
Matte colours of brown, black and white
With specks of colour forest green and gold
I like dark colours
Brooding and bold

I say goodbye to the cheeriness of my home room
For at the end of this year
I will be gone