I Feel As Dreams Feel

I feel as dreams feel
Sad, light and hollow
How reality bends
How the night never ends
Though days change light and dark

I feel as stars feel
Twinkling far away
How frail is the light
I bring to you
The distance great from here to there

I feel as people feel
One among many, alone
A piece of a big puzzle
A drop in a great sea
One that fits and doesn’t fit

Merry Yule!

Merry Yule is this day,
What is Yule anyway?
It is Christmas,
The birth of Christ,
It is Saturnalia,
It is the fest of light.
The darkness creeps in all winter,
But these days they no longer linger.
In ancient Roman times,
It was a time to celebrate the gods.
Today we celebrate Christmas,
A holiday of gifts,
Peace to all on this Earth,
I hope troubles give you a wide berth.