Live Your Life

Feel free to oust yourself

Don’t doubt yourself

Feel free

There is no reason to see the world dark

To feel there’s no hope left

Feel hopeless

Don’t be afraid to be just you

Live the truth of you

Feel courage

No way to say life is easy

No way to go about it one way

No way of saying what you should do

No way of playing it right or wrong

All another can give is some advice

And all you can do is think through twice

All you can do is just do what feels right

All you can do is live your life

Taker of Souls

With tea and a meal hearty

There with you they party

Souls when their time has come

In time you found a way

That’s why you take souls

Not in their body

No one will come with you

You have to search for company

When nobody came

The day of your house-warming party

Not search for company

You would like to stay here

In this place you live

My brother

My friend

Death you are