The War of Love

Ashes on this barren land
We have burned to cinders
Throw fuel in the flames of this world
And see it tumble down
To the feet of our descendants

We swim in blood of our hearts
Sad waters fill empty eyes
The crops have fallen
They do not grow
All around coldness and woe

Ruins weep in the night
The land pledges its plight
Its children fight a war
The war of love

We have seen winter’s cold
Dryness of summer’s heat
But none have won
The future has spoken
It runs to us in leaps

Ruins weep for our souls
They are lost to deep holes
Standing on the edge of war
The war of love

Can we see no hope beyond the horizon?
The sun reddens the world on dawn
Is this the dawn of greatness
Is this the dawn of fright
The generation has risen

Ruins weep for their foes
It is the end, here it goes
The generation has won the war
The war of love


Until it is the very end

He shall struggle to keep himself

For the priest there is no ease

I am fortunate with my peace

It would be too much

To see yourself deteriorating

It is maddening

And he can recognise it

He is going crazy

For his sound mind

For his soul

Above here is a priest praying

Feel my peace here laying


Come to me