Do You… This Year (2016)

Do you hear this year wander
A wave to soon crash asunder
On the rocky edges of a new shore
A land wild and unexplored

Do you see this year crawl
On its knees soon to sprawl
Its tired breaths fading away
For something new to rise and stay

Do you see the year crying
As its family, itself are dying
So many think of it are gone
Yet we wait for a new dawn

Do you feel this year breaking
On the ruins of madness shaking
Did you feel all you love be lost
Love and humanity become frost

Yet there is this piece of news
As you feel last year’s blues
Humanity motivated by empathy is
Of this there are two new studies

Did you watch this year go crazy
That the world would burn, just maybe
Tragedies in the stars
Tragedies in so many wars

Now look at your life this year
How did it to you appear
Was there much sadness and hopelessness
Was there much good and happiness

Do you see the coming year
In its youth and vigour
And life will move on and on
As the year restarts its journey song

Feel free

Feel free to fill my heart
With sorrow
With love
Feel free to empty my mind
From knowledge
From anxiety
Feel free to destroy me
To take all that I am
For this destruction that follows
From your craft it borrows
It consumes
It burns

What is left of me?

A newly born form
A shadow that is fire