Riding On A Nightmare

 Picture by Katharine Shelby. 2016.
Picture by Katharine Shelby. 2016.

I read in the dark shadows of my home

Raindrops crashing on my window

These novels paint pictures of gilded worlds

Yet the cracks in this urban milieu

They yell me a different story

The nighttime surrounds me like black ceremonial robes

As the city plays chess with my heart

The darkness is in communion with me

As my instincts scream at me in the process

Shall I step in the next access

My poor heart now possess

As I ride on this nightmare

Like a cab ride to hell

Upon Me

It was made upon me
This night, the dead
Darkness binding
Ropes of red

Blood was let upon me
This night, her death
No light shining
My sister in red

This moon shine upon me
This night, I dead
Nightmares, fury
Alone in bed