Scarlet Sun Rise Above

 Stockholm in the Morning by Katharine Shelby. 2018.
Stockholm in the Morning by Katharine Shelby. 2018.

Scarlet sun rise above

Shine the autumn with your love

Cast the water in apricot hues

Cover the sky with shades of bittersweet

You have one crimson eye

And one of silver

Great beast lurking to pounce

Dusty sea lip laps

As the world is still and quiet

Before humans buzz on the city streets

Before the world is filled with countless heart beats

A Crime


Think this

Happened here too



A horrible

Very terrible thing



It will

Take you far



Will not

Nothing we do



What will

Happen in this



Of dreams

Of many nightmares



Sleep in

The corner of



Room of

Red and black



Death, coals

Heat, hell, pain



Is the

Hell that expands

Pasta Rosso di Paprica

I love pasta. I can eat in pretty much any form, any day, but sometimes it gets boring. So today I improvised with something new. What I used was

2 tomatoes
half a paprika
a can of passata
French herbs

It was quite simple really, I cut the tomatoes and the paprika into small pieces and fried them seasoning them with a pinch of French herbs. After the paprika and tomato had become lighter red, I heated up the passata in a kettle and added the fried vegetables. I spiced it with a pinch of salt, basil and oregano. Then I mixed it until it was boiling lightly. I turned down the heat to a low temperature while letting the sauce cook for 30 minutes.

Then of course, I cooked some pasta. The one I used was called lumaconi and are shaped lice very big shells.

Best eaten warm. Enjoy!