I Was No More

 Fading Away by Pain of the Fallen
Fading Away by Pain of the Fallen

A path I saw

Among the raindrops

As they fell down from the crying stars.

The moon smiled

At his children’s joy

Playing in their heavenly pool.

The sun came and looked down at me

Its eyes were shady

The mouth sorrowfully wavy.

Its tears dropped on my forehead

They were painful.

Ice shards broke wounds

On my body

In my body

In my mind

In my soul.

The sky saw right through me

I was invisible.

The wind blew right through me

I was no more.

Angel Weeping

Do you hear the drumming

Of tear drops on the roof

A crying angel weeping

Her wings sweeping

The leaves from the autumn of ashes

Colours bleeding out of the trees

Washing into the rivers of dark sorrow

Rapids flowing down into the depths

Her soul darkens the high skies

As her anguish drowns the sunrise

Will hope ever touch her again

Does melancholy rein?