Waking Nature

The morning chased a taxi

As it drove on the no man’s land between night and day

The skylight with a whisper of summer

The snow melted quietly from the trees.

The wintry art of nature

Gave way to the next.

The early ones pushed their heads from under their covers

Under which they had slept many moons.

They greeted their friends

The waking trees

Who were putting on their green clothes.

It was time for celebration

Satyrs and forest maidens

Danced under the tree shadows.


Resting Earth

Light up my way

Lift up my day

Go ahead of me

To prepare a blue sky

To wash with white snow

This earth under you

It longs for a coat to warm itself

It wishes for a blanket to sleep

To rest away its weary sighs

To refresh its bones, warm its cold sides

So that after a long slumber it may wake

And dance in new clothes over the hills

Clothed in the light you have given it

Feet light with the day you light up

Sleep With Them Too

Can you hear the whisper in the wind

Can you hear the voices blowing in its recesses

Can you hear them and feel them

Caressing the leaves on the golden trees?

Is the world real to you today

When the light goes down on the horizon

And it seems like it is on fire

A fire burning

A blaze shining?

Does it seem like something that is possible

Such a sight in the arms of this world?

Can you feel the wind humming

In the eaves of the very leaves it is caressing?

Hang in the arms of the tree branches swinging

The frost is coming and they are willing

To sleep until the world is new

And they want you to sleep with them too.

This Is Where I Grew

Yellow walls
And green hangings
Blue bed spread
Oak dwellings
That is what I see when I look around me
It is not where I wish to be

My dream is a home full of light
Matte colours of brown, black and white
With specks of colour forest green and gold
I like dark colours
Brooding and bold

I say goodbye to the cheeriness of my home room
For at the end of this year
I will be gone

Merry Yule!

Merry Yule is this day,
What is Yule anyway?
It is Christmas,
The birth of Christ,
It is Saturnalia,
It is the fest of light.
The darkness creeps in all winter,
But these days they no longer linger.
In ancient Roman times,
It was a time to celebrate the gods.
Today we celebrate Christmas,
A holiday of gifts,
Peace to all on this Earth,
I hope troubles give you a wide berth.