Kind Words (Sisterhood)

A tear rolled down the mounds crested in sadness

Brows creased with disappointment

Shoulders hunched in self-chastisement

Hidden in view in the midst of the forest, inwardly crying

Hidden to be found in the midst of a field, inside dying

There in full view, yet invisible, hoping

To be seen, visible, worth noting

Could have fled, slipped away quickly

There, there, there, sat silently

A warm heart struck with kindness

A word of encouragement to be harnessed

A wisdom shared from words holy

A prayer sent to above, holy

Laughter, friendship, faith, and sisterhood

With kind words was new hope instilled

With gratefulness was the receiver filled

My Steps To Yours

I match my steps to yours
My dream
My thought
My strength

You are the one who keeps me sane
Keep me on the right path
Guide me when I falter

In the sand I see your footsteps
In the stone they are carved
For none of the words you say are relevant
For all of the words you say are wise whispers
They speak to my heart

Speak to my heart

And you will never walk beside me again
Yet I keep matching my steps to yours

My steps are matched to yours

A Poet’s Fall

This is the story of a poet’s fall
No dream is left after a poet’s fall

Can you see the letters floating above us
Can you see the words flying around us

Laugher and happiness ring in the night
Tears and suffering are secrets of the night

I wish I could shed at least tiger tears
But only humans can shed tiger tears

Human is to feel something within
Feelings hidden to caves within

This Earth has fallen through the cracks of time
My life has fallen through the darkness of time

My hair waves through the air like blue flames
Hot and cold vengeance in eyes, blue flames

Started with a word and one, young
Ended with a word and many, young

“genious!” yelled out the crowds cheering
“what a pity!” called out death cheering

Life will pump through my veins, falling
But no new words will be born after a poet’s fall